Synthetic Modgrass comes in a variety of pile heights. It can be perforated for installations on porous bases.

The longer pile grasses are usually sand filled to hold them in place, and to protect the pile from heavy sports wear.

Sand Options

The shorter grasses do not contain sand, so must be adhered directly onto a stable base to hold them down.

Tennis Modgrass

Cricket Modgrass

Multi-Sports Modgrass
Longer 25mm pile Modgrass is used for hockey and multi-sports fields. It is sand filled.

Golf Modgrass
12mm "non-directional" Modgrass is partly sand filled and ideal for putting.

Croquet Modgrass
25mm pile "non-directional" (curled) Modgrass is used on croquet fields. It is sand filled.

Landscaping Modgrass
19mm pile Modgrass infilled with foundry-dried white sand to replace natural grass/mud area. 8mm short-pile "Domestic" Modgrass adhered to concrete pool surround. No sand infill. 9mm "Commercial" Modgrass adhered directly to waterproof tanking on rooftops and balconies.

Showgrounds Modgrass
Longer pile, sand-filled Modgrass suitable for cattle and livestock exhibiting.

Modgrass Play Surface

Other Uses
Window Dressing, Camping, Displays, Mini Golf, Boat/Pontoon, Marque matting,

Sheep pavilion, Melbourne Showgrounds