We have installed Modgrass synthetic turf surface in dozens of Child Care Centres, Kindergartens and Playgrounds.

In progress

New Base: Remove all natural vegetation from the area. Construct a base of compacted crushed rock, and edge with pine if needed. Install cushioned underlay to comply with the Australian Critical Fall Height Standard if the area is to be used for fixed play equipment.
Surface: Install 19mm pile Modgrass infilled with foundry-dried sand.

Cushioned Underlay:

Impact-absorbing to reduce injury. Fall heights from 1m to 2.4m. Australian Standard 4422:1996

Modgrass Play Surface

Modgrass is manufactured in Australia using 'Tapex' Australian-made polypropylene yarn certified to ISO 9002 - a guarantee of quality. It comes in rolls 3.72m wide, and is pre-shrunk. It is an attractive 'Gum-Tree Green', and contains extra colorant and UV stabilisers to ensure low glare and long colour life. The 19mm pile Modgrass is infilled with foundry-dried white sand.


  • Low maintenance. No watering! No mowing!
  • Doesn't shift like tan bark, or turn to mud when wet.
  • Attractive 'Gum-Tree Green' colour.
  • Can be moulded & landscaped to fit any area/object.
  • Can be installed over cushioned underlay, concrete or crushed rock.
  • An even surface for play activities.
  • Transforms unsightly heavy-wear areas.