Tennis Court Accessories

Custom Fencing
3m high black or green PVC coated Chainmesh Fencing with Top Rail. Single or Double Gates. Optional Roll-down Panels, Splayed Corners, Moveable Draw Curtains, Masonry Block Hit-up Wall, Chainmesh Rebound Net, Retaining Walls, Brush Picket Screening.


Custom fencing with roll-down on house side

New Net Posts & Net

PVC tennis net post sleeves set in concrete footings.
Powder-coated steel posts, all brass gears and internal winder, international design (net cord over top of net post).


  • As above, but with post cap and handle highly polished and gold plated to stop tarnishing.
  • As above, but with polished stainless steel fittings that will never discolour.
  • Mobile Net Post system -ideal for multipurpose sports fields. Push to the side when not in use.

Professional quality 3/4 length post-to-post polyethylene tennis net.

Mobile net post system
Ball Machine
Remote control, 150 ball capacity, random-shot oscillator.

e Chair
Powder-coated galvanised steel frame. Canvas seat and canopy.

Floodlighting Options

ST1 & STIC Extreme Cut Off
The ST1 and ST1C luminaires incorporate latest-technology metal halide lamps and reflector design for precise control of spill light whilst maintaining a high level of illumination to the playing area. The ST1C has been designed specifically for residential tennis courts. The unique reflector system reduces spill light and glare outside the court area to an absolute minimum.

LAMPS 1000w and 1500w BT37

ST1 & STIC Extreme Cut Off

ST10 Standard Cut Off
The ST10 is a general purpose luminaire for both residential and club tennis courts. Producing a high level of uniform illumination to the playing area, this floodlight is suitable for single and multiple court installations. There are numerous layout designs and configurations to suit lighting requirements, site restraints and budgets.

LAMPS 1000w and 1500w BT56

ST10 Standard Cut Off

ST25 Compact Cut Off
The ST25 is a medium size luminaire designed for single tennis courts, half courts and upgrades of existing halogen lighting systems. Available in 400 watt and 1000 watt metal halide with optional remote mounting control gear to reduce floodlight weight.

LAMPS 400w and 1000w BT37 and 1000w tubular metal halide.

ST25 Compact Cut Off

Standard Layouts

Standard Layouts

A - Single court 4 light systems

B - Single court 6 light systems

C - Double court 10 light systems

D - Double court 12 light systems

Maintenance Equipment

Aussie Clean Sweep
Drag mat specially designed for synthetic grass. A quick and easy way to remove leaves and at the same time groom the court.

Crowe Sweeper
A push "lawnmower" type sweeper, with revolving brushes that pick up leaves and debris and some surface sand. The sand filters back onto the court through holes in the mesh "catcher". Adjustable brush heights. Rubber tyre wheels. Also useful for lawns and paths.

Multi-Sports Options

A specially made post with 0.5m return, to be set in concrete footing via a sleeve. Perspex backboard (1200mm x 900mm) fitted with ring and net.

2 volleyball posts and a black volleyball net. The posts fit into the tennis net post sleeves.

Perspex basketball unit

A set of golf putting holes, with covers, for installation under the tennis net or elsewhere. Putting flag. Practice Net.

A hockey goal built into the tennis court fence, or free standing.

Golf putting green